My Best 2023 Wedding!! The Cains!!!

How it all began

Where to even begin with this amazing day?!?! When I first met this amazing couple over my Bride and Groom discovery call with them I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with them and knew I had to capture their beautiful day!!! Mary was out of town on a family vacation the day of the zoom call but the love these 2 share for each other was un-deniable even being in different states. I could tell these two had two hearts of gold, and it was absolutely beautiful!! They met in their Junior year in Highschool and stayed together throughout the final 2 years of HS. You could say they were beautifully set up to date each other by their friends. They had a few classes together, and one day one of Mary’s friend’s told her that Ollie had said Mary had a cute nose. After that her friend added them both to a group chat and they spent the next month getting to know each other before going on a first date. After their first date they officially started dating and the more they both got to know each other, the more they started to fall in love with each other. Fast forward to their Engagement story!! Ollie took Mary on a date at his Grandmothers dock that his mom and Grandmother had helped set up, (which was also where they became a couple). By the end of the date and picking everything up, it got a little too warm for the two of them to stay outside. Mary had asked Ollie to carry her back, so Ollie asked her to put her shoes on. While she was tying her shoes, that’s when it happened, Ollie got down on one knee and asked one of the most important questions that can be asked in a relationship “will you marry me”. And well, you guessed it, Mary very happily said yes to forever with the love of her life. Now let’s get into all the amazing details of their gorgeous Wedding Day!!!!!!

The Details

I knew the moment I asked Mary for her items for details when I received not 1 but 2 boxes of matching shoes, I was in for a day of pure fun just like their Engagement session!! Mary had previously sent me a few images for where dresses had been previously hung for past Wedding at her venue and I knew she was set on getting her dress detail shots hung from the barn, so I made it my ultimate mission upon arrival to figure out how to get her gorgeous dress up there.

Mary’s Bridals

I will never get over how gorgeous of a Bride Mary was!! From the hair, makeup, to the dress, shoes, veil and bouquet she was absolutely stunning!! And may I add one of the sweetest Brides you’ll ever meet too!!

Mary’s Bridal Party

When it comes to choosing your Bridal party, it’s a pretty important step in the planning process of the Wedding as these ladies will be by your side all day cheering you on. And man let me tell ya, Mary chose some amazing women to be by her side all day on one of the most important days of her life!!

Mary & Ollie’s Private Exchanging of Vows

I absolutely loved Mary and Ollie’s decision to do a private exchanging of vows before their ceremony!! Most days couples opt in for a first look, and while both are very special and intimate, the first touch with the private vows was more what they wanted. Both of these things are so beautiful because they allow you to calm your nerves a little before the big “I do”, which is so important to relieve the last little bit of stress before the ceremony.

Ollie’s Groom Portraits and Groomsmen

Talk about looking sharp for your Wedding Day!!! Having an amazing group of guys by your side for your Wedding day is the ultimate decision of just how fun you’ll have with your Groomsmen portraits. I have seriously never worked with such a fun group of guys that are down for anything. I asked Ollie if he trusted his Groomsmen enough to throw him in the air and he said no but let’s do it!! I about died laughing with his response. They were seriously such a fun group of guys to work with and did not disappoint when it came to having fun!!

The Ceremony

Mary and Ollie’s ceremony is one I will never forget. It was forecast to rain during the ceremony and that did not change. So when it came time for the ceremony, Mary was asked if she wanted to move it indoor and she said she would leave it up to her guests since it was raining. And to Mary’s surprise, most of her guests had umbrellas and didn’t let the rain stop them from seeing Mary become Mrs. Cain in the rain. This part of their day alone is a beautiful example of Mary’s heart of gold and putting the needs of others before herself. She didn’t care if she was standing in the rain to get married, she didn’t care if her hair and makeup got messed up, all she cared about is that her loved ones were happy with being in the rain for the ceremony. And that is the biggest testimony of how Mary and Ollie stand out from how the rest of the world is.

The Wedding Party

While I was a little intimidated by how large Mary and Ollie’s Wedding party was, I knew it was a challenge I looked forward to taking on. Before their Wedding Day, I had never worked with such a large group. But, looking back over their amazing Wedding Day, I can easily say it was the best Wedding Party I’ve ever had the honor of working with. I have never had quite literally so much fun with a Wedding party before. I’ll never forget all the times Ollie apologized for them being so crazy and I told him every single time they were such a joy to work with seriously one of the most cooperative groups I’ve had the joy of working with on a Wedding Day.

Bride and Groom Portraits

Granted I had already had such an incredible time with these 2 for their Engagement session, I knew going into their Bride and Groom portraits it would be nothing short of amazing and well, pure fun. The energy and love that Mary and Ollie have together is unbeatable and undeniable. I have never enjoyed Bride and Groom portraits as I much as I did with these 2. Quite honestly, I’d be perfectly happy photographing these 2 for hours on end, because that’s how incredible they are. But, of course Wedding days don’t have time for that, so instead enjoy the 40 minutes I got to enjoy with them.

The Fake Bubble Exit

So you know how when you book a session with a photographer and they say “I promise this is the last pose and we will be done”, but really its like 20 more shots? Well that’s about how their Bubble exit went, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration. It was more like 4 or 5 times I ran them through their exit. I remember telling their guests after the first time alright we are gonna do this one more time because I wanted them to have as much variety as possible. Well if you know me, you know when I say 1 more time, that’s not actually true. Ooops, sorry not sorry. So 1 more time turned into about 3 more times but I had the best group of guests for it, they were all about it!! And can we just talk about how Ollie nailed the back arch by the end of the night!!!

The Goodbyes

After the Fake Bubble exit, the saddest part of the night came, packing up my gear and saying goodbye to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Cain. I never like leaving a Wedding at the end of the night. So much so, I literally said goodbye to them about 4-5 times before I actually left. You could say I may have gotten a little attached to my amazing couple by the end of the night. But I mean c’mon, how could I not when they were literally my dream couple and I got to photograph their Wedding?!?! To summarize I definitely went out with a bang for my final solo Wedding of 2023!!!!

  1. Kim Hunsinger says:

    What a wonderful couple you have highlighted and captured beautiful, fun memories for!

  2. Sabrina Gibbons says:

    I agree, this was an amazing couple and you were equally as amazing and the most creative photographer who’s ever captured a wedding at my barn. These pictures are fabulous!

    -Sabrina Gibbons
    The Barn at the End of the Trail

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